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Estonian shake hands when they meet and say "tere" (hello). Also "tsau" (comes from Italian "ciao") is very used when you meet a friend. Estonians address unknown person formally.

Prefer not to speak about USSR because they have bad memories about it. Estonians are not very comfortable with being referred as Eastern-Europeans.

Spitting is considered a very bad manner by the Estonians.

The absolutely worst thing you can do is to ask from Estonians that is Russian your language? Yes, Estonia is small, Russia is big and next to it but it doesn't mean that they like to speak it even if they can. Estonians are proud of their own language - Estonian.

Do not raise your voice in conversation. It is not nice.

In shops, don't always wait that salesman starts conversation. You have to ask yourself if you are looking for something. Your freedom to choose and decide on your own is a major social right in Estonia.

When you are entering home, shoes should take off.

Bicycles are not so used in Tallinn. There isn't lot of roads for bicycles except in Pirita, the beach in the Eastern part of Tallinn. Be careful with traffic!

It is hard move at the streets and in the public transport with children in pushchairs. In old town, there are cobbled streets and in winter streets may be full of snow. Buses and trams may have high stairs and it is not always sure thing that people will help you.

It is not allowed to drink alcohol outside, only at the bar area or at home. Age limit for alcohol and smoking is 18. Every county has own rules, when shops can sell alcohol. Usually it is from 9.00 to 22.00.



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